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Original Bodyglide® is an invisible, hypoallergenic balm used to create a barrier to the effects of rubbing. Valued by cyclists, runners and swimmers, equestrians love this anti-chafing, anti-blister formula that promotes a pain-free ride. Easy to apply, Bodyglide® provides all-day protection from rubbing, pinching, and friction caused by clothing, boots, tack, and other irritants. Prevent saddle sores before they occur with this water-resistant balm that's never wet or oily. Made with allergen-free, plant-derived ingredients, Bodyglide® contains no petroleum or parabens, is vegan approved and never tested on animals. Apply to intact skin before riding. Washes off with mild soap. Read more...

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Bodyglide® The original anti chafing, anti blister balm™. Riders will agree that preventing saddle sores is far better than waiting to recover from skin irritations and pain due to chafing. A little rubbing in the saddle may seem insignificant, but minor irritation can advance to chafing, blisters, raw skin, and sometimes an open wound. Stopping saddle sores before they start is the best way to control risk, maintain healthy skin and stay pain free. It’s why more dressage riders are turning to Bodyglide®. Bodyglide® helps equestrian athletes by withstanding water and perspiration and reducing rubbing and friction. The formula is invisible, non-greasy and feels like it's not even there! Easy to use, it is effective and hypoallergenic without messy creams, gels or powders. Made with allergen-free, plant-derived ingredients and custom-blended natural waxes, Bodyglide® contains no petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils. It is vegan approved, child safe and never tested on animals. Apply Bodyglide® directly from the stick before you get dressed, on your thighs, legs, seat and anywhere skin is rubbed. The balm will stay right where you apply it, offering all-day protection that is never wet or greasy. Bodyglide® will not block pores and allows perspiration to escape, which is vital to regulating your body temperature. Suitable for daily use in both humid and dry conditions to promote a pain-free ride. For external use only on intact skin. Washes off with mild soap and water.

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