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I love
Angie from CA wrote (October 27, 2016):
They're easy to use and fully functional. I plug in my own set of headphones and hey work perfectly. It's nice to be able to talk to a trainer without them having to yell at me. My trainer has her clients use them for most of her lessons, and even uses them when other trainers come to teach clinics. The only downsides to using them are that the headset is a one size fits all, and not everyone has the same shaped ears, which is why I use my own headphones. It's also sometimes hard to hear my trainer while I'm on the other side of the arena because the connection isn't as strong. Other than that, it's small, easy to use, and there's no uncomfortable headphone feeling that other headsets have.
Great product!
myhappyplace=wherevermyhorseis from TN wrote (April 12, 2016):
Just used these at a show and was able to communicate with my trainer crystal clear. The units are so small and lightweight that you don't even know they're there. The headsets are very comfortable when worn as they are designed but in the warm up I just clipped it to the harness on my helmet (to avoid mussing the hair :) and it still performed perfectly. I saw several other sets of these being used at the show so I guess the word is getting out. They are very simple to use but also very sophisticated in that they offer several options/modes of operation. You really don't have to look down at the unit to operate it which is a very good thing in a busy warm up where your eyes need to be on the "traffic." I highly recommend them as a worthy and enjoyable investment. Wish they came with or offered a protective case though!