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Horse Grooming Kits for Kids
Bright colors and fun shapes can appeal to children while they're learning the process of responsible horse care. Additionally, many manufacturers produce petite-sized tools that are easier for tiny hands to hold. Here are some appealing items for your child's horse grooming kit- and some great ways to store the items too!

Pony brushes - Look for pony brushes to suit small hands. Designed to better accommodate the smaller features of a pony's body, the smaller-sized brushes are lighter in weight and easier for children to handle. Your child will need a brush with stiff bristles and a brush with soft bristles.

Soft rubber curry in a small size - Your child will need a soft curry to loosen dirt and hair on the horse.

Hoof pick - Your child must have a hoof pick in his or her horse grooming kit to learn proper hoof care. For added fun in learning to clean a horse's hooves, consider a hoof pick with a fun color or shape, such as The Ultimate Hoof Pick.

Shedding tools - While a metal shedding blade with its pointed teeth may be inappropriate for your child depending on his or her age, a Shed Flower is an easy and fun-to-use alternative with slightly gentler action.

Brush Box - To corral your child's brushes and curries, consider a colorful heart shaped pail, a plastic grooming tote with handle, a grooming box with lid or a fabric grooming tote bag with lots of individual pockets for grooming tools.

Pre-assembled packages of grooming tools are also available and make attractive kits for kids. Consider the Roma Ultimate Grooming Kit, which comes in a covered box in pink, purple and blue, or the Oster 7-Piece Equine Care Series Kit, which comes in a soft-sided bag in pink and blue color schemes.

Differences between Synthetic and Natural Bristled Brushes
When you're considering the type of brushes to purchase, keep the points outlined here in mind:

Natural Bristle Brushes

  • Tend to be slightly more costly than synthetic bristle brushes.
  • With proper care, stand up to many years of use.
  • Made from horse hair, goat hair or pig hair that some equestrians believe produces a better end result to grooming.
  • Typically have wooden handles that should not be bleached or left to soak.

Synthetic Bristle Brushes

  • Available in budget-friendly price points.
  • Plastic-backed brushes can be soaked in a mixture of bleach and water for cleaning.
  • Come in a variety of bright color combinations.
  • Can be used during bath time with no negative effect of the soap on the brush.

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