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Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets 


Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets 

Item #: X1-220856
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Apple Elite™ Electrolyte Pellets for horses is a complete electrolyte formula designed to replace vital minerals lost through sweat and to help maintain fluid balance. These easy-to-feed, apple-flavored pellets help encourage healthy water consumption in support of optimal hydration year-round, important for proper digestion. Administration may also support muscle function and recovery.

Apple Elite contains a balanced electrolyte profile with sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Formulated for daily use on horses of any age or workload, it can be used proactively and given up to 12 hours prior to exercise or travel to help minimize electrolyte loss.

Administer one 3 ounce serving per day for one horse.

Made in the USA.
7.5 pounds (40-day supply).

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