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Dover Saddlery Blanket Wizard

Would you like extra help deciding on the best choice in coverage for your horse today or tonight? Our Dover Blanket Wizard will recommend the optimal sheet or blanket for your horse based on key criteria and your local weather forecast. Simply provide your information below to see what blanket our experts recommend*.

Dover Saddlery Blanket Wizard

Our Recommedation:

Here's how we're blanketing today based on our weather in Littleton, MA. Tell us about your horse and location for personalized blanket recommendations based on your local weather.

Dover Recommends:

Dover Recommends:

How To Use The Horse Blanket Wizard

  1. Choose Easy Keeper or Hard Keeper

    Easy Keeper - Choose easy keeper if your horse maintains weight easily without the need for extra quantities of food, special foods or weight-gain supplements. (Low maintenance.)

    Hard Keeper - Choose hard keeper if your horse requires a close eye on weight maintenance, typically runs underweight, and requires extra food. This horse may require extra supplements and special food designed for weight gain. (High maintenance.)

  2. Choose Clipped or Not Clipped

    Clipped - Choose clipped if your horse sports a full body clip, strip clip, or trace clip. Proper blanketing is important to replace your horse's natural protection.

    Not Clipped - Choose not clipped if your horse's natural hair coat is intact and offers natural warmth. Blanketing may be necessary for extreme weather conditions only.

  3. Enter Your Location

    We will use your local weather forecast and the information provided about your horse to personalize a horse blanket recommendation for you.

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*Please note:

  • Recommendations are based on the average horse with the conditions you specified and depend on accurate weather forecasts.
  • Be sure to monitor fluctuations in weather and temperature, and take indoor versus outdoor temperature variations into consideration in your final blanketing choices.
  • Be sure to use waterproof turnout sheets and blankets, not stable sheets and blankets, when your horse is put outside.
  • Always consult with your horse's veterinarian concerning your horse's particular health considerations or unique needs.