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Herm Sprenger® System 4 Bow Balance Stirrups

Herm Sprenger® System 4-F Bow Balance Stirrup features a unique bow shape to significantly reduce strain and soften the impact on hip, knee and ankle joints when riding. This stirrup allows pivotal movements in four directions and provides greater flexibility for increased rider comfort. The bow shape enhances stirrup retrievability and promotes rider confidence by reducing the risk of catching the foot in event of emergency. They also enhance shock absorption through the rider's leg, alleviating tension and reducing or eliminating pain in joints and connective tissues. Two types of rubber enhance the grip of this moveable tread, which naturally lowers heels to ensure consistent foot contact with the stirrups. Read more...

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Herm Sprenger® System 4-F Bow Balance Stirrup features a smart bow-form design that encourages an improved leg position and promotes the ideal rider balance with enhanced comfort and perfect fit. With a wider tread, the Bow Balance is constructed of two types of rubber for increased shock-absorption and grip, providing an excellent foothold. This moveable, jointed tread tilts slightly forward and backward helping to relax calves and ensuring consistent contact with the stirrup. It also encourages the rider's ankles to flex, which naturally lowers heels into the correct position when riding. The unique bowed shape of the branch with an offset eye for the stirrup leather helps position these stirrups correctly for the rider's optimal contact. The Bow Balance picks up easily when mounting, as a simple touch of the foot and the stirrup gently glides into place. The stirrups are marked left and right to correspond to the proper leg and for correct placement on the saddle. With the uniquely designed cut-out branch, these stirrups are lighter in weight but encompass the same technology and advantages as the original System 4 stirrups to enhance rider stability, flexibility and comfort. The patented design allows the irons to pivot in four directions simultaneously, which helps soften the impact of the horse's movements through the rider's joints and connective tissue. This enhances rider comfort through the hips, knees and ankles and can help reduce or eliminate pain in the lower body. The Bow Balance jointed stirrup with it's distinctive shape greatly reduces the risk of the rider's foot becoming caught in the stirrup in the event of an emergency. Manufactured according to strict standards using only the highest quality materials, these irons are made from Herm Sprenger stainless steel with rubber treads and sleeves on both branches. Please note: due to the rubber covering, the actual stirrup measurement is 1/4"smaller than the size given.

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