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Bucas Zebra Sweet Itch with Full Neck


Bucas Zebra Sweet Itch with Full Neck

Item #: X1-240537
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The Bucas Zebra Sweet Itch with Full Neck Sheet helps prevent a condition in horses caused by an allergic reaction to the bite of Culicoides midges. Sweet itch usually results in lesions on the topline, mane, tail and abdomen. Hypersensitive horses and ponies can cause further damage by rubbing these irritated areas.

The Sweet Itch Zebra Sheet has a specially developed fabric that prevents even the smallest midges from biting, and it offers the added protection of the zebra stripes against other biting insects.* It ensures full coverage of the mane, tail and belly coverage; the neck piece is not removable.

Key features:

  • Lightweight 1,000 denier polyester is 99% protective against ultraviolet rays.
  • Innovative layered fabric protects against midges and biting insects.
  • Highly breathable for comfort in hot climates.
  • Neck dart for a great shoulder fit.
  • Detachable belly band.
  • Elastic leg straps.

*Based on several clinical studies conducted in Europe and the United States, the alternating black and white stripes have been proven to discourage flies, protecting zebras from the irritation and harmful effects of biting insects. To be effective, the pattern has to be a true zebra pattern, not a fashion pattern. Beware of imitations.