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C4 Floral Large Dog Collar

Colors/Options: Aloha Barn Dog Floral Merlot Sunflower Spunkwear Posies Sunflower Wildflowers

C4 Floral Large Dog Collar

The C4 Floral Large Dog Collar has fabulous style, but its sanitary benefits make it a healthy choice for your pup. The non-porous, waterproof material make it antimicrobial and odor-proof.

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Floral Dog Collar - LG
Item #: X1-43086
Helpful Information
Our Guarantee

The C4 Floral Large Dog Collar is stylish, durable, colorfast, easily washable—and healthier for your pet to wear.

Antimicrobial & Odor-Proof
Non-porous thermo polymer material prevents the proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria that are unhealthy next to your dog’s skin and that can generate bad odors. (Ever smelled a nylon collar?)

Super Comfortable
Although the C4 dog collar is sturdy and long-lasting, it is pliable and ergonomically designed, making it a pleasure for your pup to wear.

100% Water Resistant & Washable
In the C4 collar, no worries if your pup splashes or plays in mud! It can be easily and quickly hand-washed in the sink with light soap.

Lifetime Guarantee
C4 is so confident in the quality of the collar, that if you ever have an issue C4 will send you a replacement. The TPU collar is fitted with sturdy, stainless steel hardware to make it virtually indestructible. No more torn fabric or teeth marks—ruff play is welcome!

Pick a Belt to Match
Mix and match your favorite C4 belt with your dog’s collar.

In the unlikely event you’ll ever want to part with your collar, it is 100% recyclable.

Hand wash in sink with light soap.