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Catago® FIR-Tech Dressage Boots


Catago® FIR-Tech Dressage Boots

Item #: X1-042516
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Catago® FIR-Tech Dressage Boot offers both coverage against strikes and faster warmup of muscles, tendons and joints. This highly ventilated boot is infused with the FIR-Tech fabric, which contains woven ceramic fibers. These fibers reflect body heat back to the horse, helping to increase circulation.

The boot has a hard shell and soft mesh material, which allows excess heat to escape. The fourth strap under the fetlock offers maximum support of the suspensory and flexor tendons thanks to the anatomic and elastic properties of the boot. The elasticized straps allow a custom fit, while quick-release tabs hold securely yet are easy to put on and remove. Pair.


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