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Cavallo™ Simple Horse Boot

Cavallo Horse & Rider

Cavallo™ Simple Horse Boot

Item #: X1-04391
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The ideal multi-purpose hoof boot, the Cavallo™ Simple Regular Sole Hoof Boot offers the ultimate protection for your barefoot horse’s hooves hard, rough terrain. This hoof boot also provides comfort for chronic hoof pain or sensitivity, hoof injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis/founder, punctures, sole bruising, trailering, breeding and in the case of a lost shoe. With its rounder shape, the Simple Hoof Boot is suited to hooves with equal width and length.

Lightweight by design, the Simple Boot is easy to put on and remove, even by those who are compromised by arthritis or weakness in the hands. A simple front fastening uses industrial grade Velcro® closures to keep the boot securely in place. A comfortable, flexible genuine leather upper has a Softee leather foam-filled collar. A natural hoof shape eliminates the need for shims or inserts to ensure fit.

Durable construction includes a waterproof tread, rustproof metal and a high-performance thermo-plastic-urethane (TPU) outsole with built-in drainage, abrasion-resistance and shock absorption. A molded back flap protects the heel bulbs. The all-terrain tread pattern minimizes buildup of mud and debris; the outside of the pattern supports the hoof wall. Shaped to allow the horse’s natural movement, the sole also promotes healthy hooves with natural expansion and contraction, which in turn promotes circulation. It has a sole relief design with raised inner rim to take pressure off the horse’s sole, bar and frog; the center of the outsole is also recessed to minimize pressure. Pair.


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