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Cavallo™ Trek Boot

Cavallo™ Trek Boot

Durable yet lightweight, the Cavallo™ Trek Boot provides support, protection and comfort for the horse and ease of use for the handler. A high-performance TPU outsole with all-terrain tread minimizes the build-up of debris to provide excellent traction. This hoof boot is designed to support the hoof wall while offering sole relief. Each.

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Tips for Using Hoof Boots
How to Measure for Hoof Boots
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The Cavallo™ Trek Boot offers optimal support, protection and comfort for the horse’s hoof, plus an easy-to-use design for the handler. This durable, lightweight hoof boot has a BASF® branded high-performance thermoplastic urethane (TPU) outsole. An all-terrain tread minimizes the build-up of mud, sand and debris to provide excellent traction while allowing the horse’s natural movement.

The outside tread pattern supports the hoof wall, and built-in sole relief with a raised inner rim takes pressure off the sole, bars and frog. A molded TPU back flap protects the bulbs. The flexible and tough Pro Mesh upper is breathable, tear-proof and abrasion-resistant, and it contains no glues or adhesives. Its honeycomb design optimizes strength, minimizes weight and allows drainage. Sand and dirt will not pass through or get trapped in the hexagonal holes.

Pull tab allows for easy on and patented RES replaceable VELCRO® brand closure system exclusive to Cavallo horse boots keeps it secure. A soft foam collar at the top resists chafing. Reflective logo for visibility. Rustproof metal and waterproof thread to resist wear. Equal width and length measurements allow for a great fit on left and right hoof. Easy to clean; shake, brush or hose off after use, or machine wash in water up to 30°C.  Sold singly. In black.

Tips for Using Hoof Boots
  • If you are unsure about proper hoof boot fit or are concerned about the way your horse's foot breaks over as he moves, consult your farrier.
  • Horse boots should be used only for riding and should not remain in place on your horse's feet.
  • As your horse's hooves grow between trims, be sure to check hoof boot fit. On most horses, properly fitted boots fit well throughout the trim cycle, but some hooves grow in such a way that the boots become ill-fitting and can cause discomfort.
  • Hoof boots should not twist, abrade or rub your horse. If this occurs, check the fit or consider another type of boot for your horse.

How to Measure for Hoof Boots
Hoof boots must fit snugly and correctly. Improper fit can result in chafing or rubs, tripping, or loss of the boot during a ride. Size charts are available for hoof boots. To determine the size your horse needs:
  • Measure each of your horse's feet just after a trim using a metal tape measure with inch increments. Hooves are not always symmetrical in size, especially when comparing front to back.
  • Measure the width across the bottom of the foot at its widest point.
  • Measure the length from the toe to the buttress line of the heel. The buttress line is located at the end of the weight-bearing point of the heel, where the hoof wall ends and starts to curve in.
  • Compare your measurements to the manufacturer's size chart for the brand of hoof boots you would like. Width and length should fit within the same boot size, but if different sizes are indicated by the measurements, select the larger size.
  • A hoof boot should feel so snug as to be slightly difficult to put on. The sole of the hoof should fit level in the bottom of the boot.