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Uckele™ CocoSoya®


Uckele™ CocoSoya®

1 Gallon
Item #: X1-220049
Our Guarantee

CocoSoya® from Uckele™ Health and Nutrition-Gallon supports your horse’s overall health and improves natural hair sheen with its blend of highly digestible, unrefined soybean oil and coconut oil selected for natural fatty acid balance. It is a natural source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids as well as vitamin E. CocoSoya is 20% more digestible and economical than vegetable oil. Used as a replacement for corn oil and vegetable oil, it increases slowly-metabolized calories in the diet and stabilizes blood sugar. Highly palatable, CocoSoya also replaces the need to add molasses to feed for picky eaters and it reduces dust in feed bin. CocoSoya retains tocopherol (vitamin E) and sterols present in crude unrefined oil—no chemical solvents are involved. The thick substance that sometimes settles to the bottom of the container is the natural lecithins (phospholipids) and tocopherols of the soy bean oil. It is a highly nutritious portion of the product, so shake the oil well before administering to keep the lecithin & tocopherols in suspension. Administer: 1-4 oz daily for maintenance, 4-8 oz daily for horses in heavy work, 4 oz daily for lactating mares. When used to reduce dust in feed, give 4 oz daily. 64-day supply.