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Kavalkade Chambon

Colors/Options: Black

Kavalkade Chambon

Used during lungeing, this Kavalkade Chambon can help a horse to yield to poll pressure and stretch his neck forward and downward while lifting his back. It is designed to help improve strength and balance, and may be especially helpful for horses who are tense and hollow.

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Item #: X1-30176
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The Chambon by Kavalkade is a training aid used while lungeing that consists of a headpiece, chest piece and a round nylon rope with carabiner. An excellent training tool when used properly, the aim of the chambon is to teach the horse to yield to poll pressure and to stretch his neck forward and downward. It is particularly useful for ewe-necked horses and those that move with tense, hollowed backs. In the hands of a knowledgeable handler, the chambon helps the horse learn to use his body more efficiently, to strengthen and lift his back, and achieve the balance necessary for effectively carrying a rider and all gaits. Quality black leather with European styling.