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Cornucrescine Original Hoof Ointment

Carr, Day & Martin®

Cornucrescine Original Hoof Ointment

Item #: X1-220817
Our Guarantee

The world’s first hoof ointment for horses, Cornucrescine Original Hoof Ointment is a unique formulation designed to promote and hasten hoof growth. Ideal to apply to soft, crumbly hooves and to dry, brittle, cracked or split hooves, it helps maintain optimal condition. It also helps restructure and grow the hoof and aids regrowth of hair near the hoof after rubs or scarring. Application by hand stimulates keratin producing cells, giving you a chance to see results in as little as 4-6 weeks. (You may need to schedule more frequent farrier visits.)

Cornuscrescine contains essential oils and lanolin. It should be applied to clean hooves by hand and rubbed in well around the coronet band and into any cracks. Use weekly to maintain a healthy growth of horn or daily to accelerate hoof growth and improve poor hoof quality.

Proud Heritage and Tradition

Carr & Day & Martin has been manufacturing horse care products in the United Kingdom since 1765. The Company is proud to hold a Royal Warrant for the supply of quality saddlery products since the reign of King George the IV through today to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Made in England.