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The Art of Personalization

Make it Personal!

Personalization actively demonstrates a rider’s distinct sense of pride—pride of ownership identifying your gear and tack, pride of place identifying your barn, show stable or farm and, in some cases, pride of breed, identifying your horse type. Most importantly, it allows you to express your own signature style. Our many options for embroidery and engraving make it easy to add a personal stamp to riding tack, gear bags and apparel.


Monograms create your uniquely personal touch with your initials, barn name, or customized logo. You can monogram your horse blankets and wraps, your tack bags, your riding shirts or outerwear and so much more.

We make it as easy as 1-2-3! Simply follow these steps:
1. Choose the ‘Add A Monogram’ option located below the product. (If no monogramming option is shown, monogramming is not currently available for that item).
2. Select your desired thread color and monogram style and specify monogram.
3. Enter monogram EXACTLY as you would like it to appear.Please note: personalized items are non-returnable. Allow up to 1-3 days for delivery.

Monogramming Etiquette: In a 3-letter monogram, the correct placement is First Name, LAST NAME and Second (middle) name. (Styles BB, C, CC, DD, EE, F, FF, H, K, KK, LL, NN, SS all fall in to this format

Get Creative!
Design your personal monogram below


Add a signature mark to all your favorite items! Start by choosing a lettering style from the choices shown below. Designate one, two or the classic three-letter initials. Or, choose up to five letters to spell a name (additional letters can be accommodated as well for added cost). Then, brighten it up with your favorite thread color!


Want something a tad more decorative? We can do that too! Add a charming embellishment with one of the design choices below. Some styles can combine up to five letters (additional letters can be accommodated as well for added cost). Specify your thread choices—most allow two color options.


Make a sophisticated statement with an embroidered breed or discipline logo! Choose from the selections below, or contact our Personalization Department for other available breeds or disciplines:
• Call us: 800-303-7849
• Email us:
• Use our convenient Live Chat


Our Personalization Department can embroider your existing logo on almost anything– jackets, gear bags, saddle pads and more! Custom logos are priced individually, please contact us for pricing information:
• Call us: 800-303-7849
• Email us:
• Use our convenient Live Chat

A Digitized Embroidery File (DST file) of your logo is required.If you do not have a DST file, our Personalization Department can create one for you from your JPG or other high-quality image file. Custom logo setup charges (to create your digital logo file) are as follows:
Small (2-6”): $39
Medium (7-15”): $49
Large (15”-20”): $59
XL (Over 20”): Custom Quote

Per item custom logo running charges to (produce your logo on your item) are as follows:
Small (2-6”): $15
Medium (7-15”): $25
Large (15”-20”): $35
XL (Over 20”): Custom Quote

Shop Embroidered Products


• Adding embroidery to a waterproof items will interfere with the effectiveness of the waterproofing, and the material will no longer be waterproof at the location of the embroidery.
• Personalized items are non-refundable. Allow 1-3 days for us to personalize in-stock and in-store items.
• During the holiday season, allow an additional 1-2 weeks for delivery.


A personalized nameplate makes a handsome addition to your horse or pony’s tack, stall or other equipment. Choose brass or German silver plates detailed in either classic or contemporary style. Each will be engraved in the USA in your choice of Block, Old English, Roman or Script letters as shown below.

Bridles, belts & bracelets, oh my!
Accessorize boldly with personalized nameplates


Our handsome nameplates are available in either brass or German silver. Tailor your script to meet your signature style from the choices below.


So many distinctive options to create a design uniquely your own! Pick a plate style and size-some have 1, 2 or 3 lines available. Create your design using breed logo, discipline, horse or stable name, add a symbol, or any combination that strikes your fancy!

Convenient Plate Attachment Service

We can attach your nameplate to some of your new tack purchases for you. Select your product and the attachment offer will show below if the service is an option for your item. If no option is shown, attachment service is not available for your item.

Shop Engravable Products


• Engraved items are non-refundable.
• For Nameplates allow 2-5 business days for delivery;
• For Stall Plates allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.
• During the holiday season, please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for delivery.