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Dressage Sport Boots

Dressage Sport Boots

Item #: X1-04674
How to Size and Fit Horse Boots
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To provide excellent protection as well as comfort for your horse, Dressage Sport Boots are lined with soft, thick fleece surrounded by a rugged vinyl exterior that features a Coverlight™ strike area. Coverlight is tear-, puncture- and abrasion-resistant and has excellent overall durability. It is also waterproof and highly-resistant to fungal growth, making this an exceptional boot that withstands the rigors of the equestrian environment.

The easy strap application system allows for a quick on and off. Simply position each Dressage Sport Boot with straps to the outside of the horse’s leg, pointing toward the rear. Boots should fit securely without binding or overlapping.


Machine wash. Air dry. Avoid high heat and long periods of direct sunlight.