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Ecovet™ Fresh Scent Fly Spray

Ecovet™ Fresh Scent Fly Spray

Item #: X1-23274
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Developed, tested, endorsed and used by veterinarians, Ecovet™ Spray for horses offers long-lasting protection against insects—without using toxic pesticides or chemicals. EcoVet is the only alternative to pyrethrin, permethrin and natural oils; it is effective on blood-seeking insects such as stable flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks and lice in addition to nuisance flies.

EcoVet is also the only insect repellent choice for horses that improves insect-related skin sensitivity. It has been clinically shown to help horses with difficult-to-treat sweet itch problems, or a hypersensitive reaction to midge bites. EPA approved, it is a non-sensitizing formula with no known resistance problems and no known severe reactions on honeybees.

Created by a veterinarian, EcoVet is a completely different alternative to traditional insect sprays. The active ingredients are naturally derived food-grade fatty acids that are easier on horses as well as the humans applying this spray. Theses fatty acids are carried in a special silicone base liquid that allows them to be delivered onto the horse’s skin, then it evaporates to leave just the effective fatty acids. The silicone does not have any real drying properties that would affect the skin.

The fatty acids mimic repellent smells that animals naturally have on their skin. Essentially, EcoVet uses bugs’ own navigation systems against themselves by overwhelming their systems.

Insects choose victims based on a complex interaction of visual and chemical cues. Some animals and people are more attractive to pests than others. In horses, coat color, level of activity, carbon dioxide output and secreted odors all play a role. The normal output of chemical smells from a body acts like a signal to the insect’s guidance system to help it find and attack its potential food source. Research has shown that certain fatty acids act as insect attractants, while others are repellents.

Ecovet uses naturally occurring fatty acids to confuse and overwhelm the insects’ normal directional abilities, so the insect is unable to locate the horse as its next victim. It is like having a GPS system that is shouting confusing and conflicting directions at you… until you finally give up.

Your supply of EcoVet lasts as you don’t have to coat the entire horse for it to be effective. Additionally, one application lasts for two to three days. Gallon (will refill 18-ounce bottle seven times).


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