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Effol® Mane-Tail-Liquid Mane And Tail Detangler


Effol® Mane-Tail-Liquid Mane And Tail Detangler

Effol® Mane-Tail-Liquid is a superior care spray that produces a healthy, shiny mane and tail. Made with human-grade cosmetic ingredients it moisturizes skin as it strengthens and nourishes hair, increasing fullness and creating a glossy sheen. Detangling and combing your horse's mane and tail will become easier, too, helping to cut down on your grooming time. Read more…
Item #: X1-220604
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For a mane and tail with greater fullness, volume and shine simply spray on Effol® Mane-Tail-Liquid, allow it to take effect, and then untangle and comb through. The hair will become visibly lustrous, fuller and easier to comb. Mane-Tail-Liquid also helps to moisturize the dock of the tail and crest of the mane, and prevents hair and skin from drying out. Made with human-grade cosmetic oils, it features silicone oil that spreads through mane and tail easily leaving no sticky feeling. Silicone oil also helps to ensure the even application of other ingredients and leaves behind a silky, almost imperceptible feel that noticeably enhances the texture and appearance of hair and skin without irritation. With Effol® Mane-Tail-Liquid, hair becomes smoother with increased gloss, and grooming becomes easier, too! 500ml (17 ounces).

Made in Germany.