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Equifit® Adjustable Heel Lifters

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Equifit® Adjustable Heel Lifters

EquiFit® Adjustable Heel Lifters help prevent blisters and discomfort as you break in new boots. They raise your heels while your boots break in, drop and crease naturally to save the backs of your knees, heels and sides of your ankles from rubs. Also perfect for those who cannot find tall boots that are short enough. Pair.

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Item #: X1-37040
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Prevent blisters and discomfort while you break in new boots! Changeable in seconds from 3/8" to 1/4" to 1/8" thick, EquiFit® Adjustable Heel Lifters offer extra height to raise your heels while your new boots drop and crease naturally, reducing friction at the back of your knees, heels or the sides of your ankles. These inserts are also the solution for riders struggling to find a boot with a short enough shaft.

Just peel away one or two layers to create your desired lift height. EquiFit Adjustable Heel Lifters are made of resilient, latex-free rubber that absorbs shock as you walk. A leather cover adds durability. Pair.

Small (2"W x 4.25"L), Medium(2.5"W x 4.5"L), Large(3"W x 5"L).