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Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic Chaps

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Colors/Options: Grey

Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic Chaps

Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic Chaps are comfortable, contoured, quilted boots that can help ease arthritis or support the healing of injuries in horses and ponies. Set of two includes four movable, clinical grade VITAflex® magnets.

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Item #: X1-0476
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Equilibrium Therapy® Magnetic Chaps can be helpful for horses and ponies that suffer from arthritis or are recovering from injury. These soft, comfortable, quilted boots may also be helpful for those equines with tendon problems, splints, navicular, bone chips and general knocks.

Sold in sets of two, they come with four movable, clinical grade VITAflex® magnets. The magnets help to increase blood flow, which in turn eases stiffness, supports healing and reduces filling. Handy grip tabs allow easy removal, while contoured shaping ensures a good fit. They can be used all day or night, but should be removed for a few hours. Pair. Gray.