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Equine Elixirs Positude®

Equine Elixirs®

Equine Elixirs Positude®

Item #: X1-220812
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Equine Elixirs Positude® all-natural hormone support is made from highly concentrated leaf, berry and root extracts that are designed to act upon the pituitary gland to maintain even hormone levels in mares, geldings and stallions. Mimicking the effects of progesterone therapy, Positude is easy to administer. Its daily delivery system eliminates peaks and troughs of hormonal fluctuations.

Key features:

  • Mimics effects of natural progesterone.
  • Helps promote maintenance of balanced temperament.
  • May be given to mares, geldings and stallions.
  • Aids relaxation of skeletal and smooth muscles.
  • Helps promote normal hormone levels.
  • Helps supports healthy nervous system function.

Active ingredients: proprietary blend of Vitex Agnus Castus extract, Angelica Sinensis extract, Rubus Idaeus extract. Inactive ingredients: water, acacia, stevia, sodium benzoate.

Warning: For animal use only. Should not be used for animals intended for human consumption.

30 ounces (30-day supply).