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Equestrian Services International (ESI) Arena Footing

Equestrian Services International (ESI) Arena Footing

Item #: X1-270066
Our Guarantee

Equestrian Services International (ESI) arena footing is considered the best in the world. Used by top horse shows and competitions, it is designed to perform for top equine athletes.

Ideal riding surfaces are important to your horse’s health, soundness and comfort. ESI offers six premium footing combinations and options for optimum performance, including turf for derby and polo fields, as well as race track surfaces for all-weather conditions.

ESI’s top priority is to be a professional, full-service footing company that customizes each job to meet the client’s needs. ESI understands the need for a superior footing product to ensure the safety and performance of both horse and rider.

ESI Footing Categories for optimum performance include:

  • International All Weather Footing: Offering the perfect balance between compression and rebound, it provides maximum stability for horses riding in the most extreme weather. Footing is available in different colors, too. ESI is best noted for “Pink” footing at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

  • Premium Performance Footing: A blend of the premium sand along with formulated high-quality local sands, this footing option allows for proper drainage, plus great cushion and balance. The mix consists of sand, geo felt and fiber.

  • ESI Traditional Premium Footing: This option offers great benefits for both horse and rider, while still being affordable. It begins with a blend of local sand resources. ESI then adds the correct amount of Geotextiles to create a blend of fibers that mixes with the sand, helping any local sand become a great riding surface. This product is also available in different colors.

  • ESI Elite Footing: The ultimate dustless footing from ESI, it is one of our newest and highest rated footings. This premium footing provides a safe surface that is durable for many years.
  • FusionTrac®—the latest innovation in race track surfaces.

  • Premium Derby Field Turf for polo tracks and derby fields.

If you are looking for the best equestrian footing for your property, look no further: ESI is confident that we provide the best riding surfaces currently on the market, and we promise that any horse will love our footing. Support both horse and rider by installing ESI Elite Footing in your arena today!