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Farnam® SandClear™


Farnam® SandClear™

Item #: X1-22307
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Farnam® SandClear™ contains 99% psyllium which absorbs water and forms a gel-like substance in the horse’s intestines. Psyllium as the active ingredient increases bulk, softens stools and helps remove sand from the horse’s ventral colon. This sand and dirt can be ingested as a horse eats hay or other forage.  

SandClear is offered in highly palatable apple- and molasses-flavored crumbles that are easy to feed as a top dressing. It’s appropriate for horses of all ages, including young foals.

Recommended dosing to clear sand from the colon is 1 (5 oz) to 1 ½ scoops daily for one week per month for an average 1,100 pound horse; give less to ponies, yearlings and foals and more to larger horses and draft breeds.

Made in USA.
3 pounds.

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