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Farrier's Formula® Double Strength Plus Joint

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Farrier's Formula® Double Strength Plus Joint

Item #: X1-220382
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Farrier's Formula® Double Strength Plus Joint is a pelleted combination supplement designed to help promote dense hoof wall growth and to help support healthy joints, ligaments and tendons in horses. This formula helps prevent over supplementation and is suitable for horses of all ages and work levels. It can be added as a top dressing on the regular feed or provided separately.

Farrier’s Formula Double Strength Plus Joint with biotin and methionine can be used to address hoof conditions associated with weak hoof walls, such as quarter cracks, toe cracks, sand cracks, brittle hoof walls and hoof wall separation. Additionally, it can be used to address painful joints associated with arthritis, degenerative joint disease, weak ligaments or injury. Nutrients for strong hooves, skin and joints are provided in a correct balance and ratio. The inclusion of proline, ornithine, glucosamine and manganese provide targeted joint support. Sulfur required for joint health is provided in the form of the amino acids methionine and cysteine. 11 pounds.