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An aid to daily training, GumBits delight your horse while they promote salivation and encourage a soft, submissive mouth. They may also help stop teeth grinding. These sweet, all-natural treats are made by hand in the USA from FDA-approved ingredients.12 ounces are packaged in a bottle.

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Item #: X1-220721
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GumBits, Chewing Gum for Horses & Ponies, triggers salivation and eliminates the teeth grinding which often can occur during the intense training of high performance sport horses and ponies. GumBits also encourages chewing activity, promotes submission and horses just love the sweet taste. They are made by hand in the USA from all-natural FDA-approved ingredients, primarily beeswax and sugar, and are safe and palatable.

GumBits has been available at specialized tack stores and national equestrian stores for over twelve years. The company receives multiple requests for promotional activities, sponsorships and advertising activities from well-known riders, horse show promoters and magazines. Many international and Olympic competitors love the product and agree that GumBits is part of their success with their equine partners.

Every horse rider, whether hobbyist or serious competitor, can enjoy the benefits of giving GumBits to their equine partners. The company has received hundreds of positive stories on how GumBits has helped their horses and ponies.

Young horse trainers appreciate GumBits in helping young ones start to chew and accept the bit. Dressage riders like how they help stop the grinding noises that can lower their scores. They also like using them in getting horses to accept double bridles for the upper levels.

Pony riders appreciate how the gum creates salivation, which helps ponies stop dry coughs to not pull the kids out of the tack. Eventers like how GumBits help relax their horses the dressage phase of their discipline. Vaulters like how the gum keeps their horses focused and relaxed on the lunge line while they do gymnastic moves. Jumpers like the additional suppleness and softness in the mouth. All agree that GumBits helps make their horses and ponies happy. With GumBits, in a short time most horses and ponies have the happy, frothy mouths all riders enjoy for the most productive rides.

GumBits are the official training treat of US Equestrian. 12 ounces are packaged in a bottle.