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HandsOn™ Gloves in Colors

Colors/Options: Green

HandsOn™ Gloves in Colors

Item #: X1-100104B
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Now available in fun colors! HandsOn™ Gloves are an innovative approach to grooming and bathing horses, dogs and other animals. Created by animal lovers for animal lovers, these unique grooming gloves go far beyond traditional curry combs, mitts, scrubbers and shedding tools to deliver a thorough and enjoyable grooming experience.

A variety of strategically placed scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms massage the animal’s muscles, stimulate circulation and distribute natural oils for healthy skin and coat. The tactile touch gently cleans sensitive areas and tight body contours while fostering the bond between the animal and handler.

Designed to be used dry or wet, HandsOn Gloves are flexible and stretchy, and they won’t slip or fall off when soapy. They’re great for shedding as hair won’t stick to the glove—it releases with just a flick of the wrist. Flexible grip allows for easy handling of hoses, bottles and leads.


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