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Hairstyling Tips for Equestrians

If you have long or thick hair that you wear under your helmet, the length of your hair or the way you tie it up may change the way your helmet sits on your head. You want to be sure that your hair lies as flat to your head as possible under your helmet.

To achieve both a snug helmet fit and a neat appearance, consider using two hair nets and the method shown in this series of photos:

    1) Hair and hair net are gathered into a ponytail holder. Note the traditional styling of the hair covering the top half of the ear.

    2) Ponytail is laid as flat as possible against the head.

    3) A second hair net is placed over the hair.

    4) The rider tilts her head forward as she slides on the helmet. She puts the back part on first, with the harness settling over the ponytail holder, and works toward the front.

    5) The rider tucks the hair and hair net over her forehead neatly in so that neither will show under the brim.

    6) The helmet sits neatly and correctly on the rider's head.
Note: If you change the length of your hair, it may affect the way your helmet fits.

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