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Precision Engineered Bits, Stirrups & Spurs
Herm Sprenger® has engineered and manufactured innovative, premium quality bits, stirrups and spurs in Germany for well over a century. The superior reliability and performance of its products have allowed Herm Sprenger to build an impeccable, long-standing reputation among discerning equestrians who have implicit confidence in the designs. Studies of equine mouth anatomy and a focus on animal welfare have resulted in a wide array of HS bits to meet the diverse needs of horses and riders across riding disciplines

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The Herm Sprenger Story

Founded in 1872, Herm Sprenger is based in Iserlohn, Germany, where it employs nearly 200 highly skilled people who uphold the company’s heritage of precision design and attention to manufacturing detail. Herm Sprenger uses only select, high-quality raw materials for production to ensure consistent, superior quality. By contract, Herm Sprenger’s suppliers must deliver test certificates and material analyses for every new shipment of raw material, and the company itself conducts its own quality controls. Any deviation in quality is rejected. Painstaking workmanship then transforms the premium raw materials into products under the strictest of quality controls.

Significant Contributions to Equestrian Sport

Herm Sprenger made significant contributions to the comfort of riders when it created stirrup irons to alleviate joint pressure on the rider’s legs and clever spurs that fit boots comfortably onto a boot while remaining stable.

However, the company is probably best known for its contribution of beautifully designed bits, which are based on extensive research of the horse’s mouth anatomy. As the horse’s mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of its body, it should be treated carefully. Herm Sprenger believes a bit should be shaped to the horse’s mouth and should not cause discomfort or awkwardness in any way, which in turn fosters optimal communication between horse and rider.

The Sprenger Development Center

Herm Sprenger gathers comprehensive scientific knowledge of the horse’s mouth anatomy through intensive research in collaboration with the Veterinary University of Hannover. The Sprenger Development Center continuously works on revolutionary products with optimized design and effectiveness, based on current research data. This understanding of animal welfare and horsemanship have resulted in an outstanding selection of bits designed to suit every horse any discipline.