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Horse Care

Proper horse care starts with the right supplies. Keep your horse healthy and happy with everything you need for grooming, fly control, supplementing diet, first aid and more.

Along with proper horse care comes the need for various types of horse supplies. We offers all the essentials—and the little extras, too—to keep your horse healthy and happy. From feed buckets to fly sheets, you’ll find everything you need to treat a wound, give your horse show ring shine, muck your horse’s stall or outfit a horse trailer. Good horse care starts with quality horse grooming supplies. Daily grooming keeps a horse’s skin healthy and resistant to diseases, his coat shiny and hooves clean. Grooming is made easy, efficient and pleasurable when the right tools are at hand. You’ll find all the must-haves from hoof picks to massaging curry combs and horse brushes to mane and tail shampoo. Keep your horse grooming kit fully stocked with detangler and hoof conditioner. Plus, check out our Equestrian Library for our horse grooming tips.

At minimum, a set of small horse clippers or a trimmer is a must-have essential in the event that a wound needs to be cleared of hair. A good pair of body clippers and clipper accessories takes the hard work out of body clipping. You'll find the best clippers, trimmers, clipper oil and cleaner right here. Need tips on clipping a horse? Check out our Equestrian Library for our guide to body clipping, which includes illustrations of traditional clip patterns.

Horse supplements , such as joint support, vitamins and minerals, digestive support and electrolytes, help you address your horse’s particular health needs. Keep your horse in peak condition for top performance—or optimal comfort in retirement—with our wide selection of equine feed supplements.

Hoof care and horse hair care products help keep your horse feeling and looking its best. Topical hoof treatments from Effol®, Absorbine®: , Farnam® and others can help keep hooves supple, strong and tough against lost shoes. Hair conditioners, sunscreens and polishes give your horse’s coat a luxurious glow. Choose from all the top brands such as Healthy Haircare™ , Shapley’s™ , Carr & Day& Martin® and Cowboy Magic® .

Loving horse care includes rewarding your horse for hard work and a job well done. Show your horse extra kindness with horse treats from us! You’ll find baked, all-natural treats that look like cookies, pelleted type treats that fit in your pocket and treats so decadent you’ll think they come from a bakery. Try treats in all flavors, from banana to molasses to peppermint, to discover your horse’s favorite.

Develop a targeted deworming program with the help of your veterinarian and fecal egg counts, then shop for horse wormers such as Zimecterin® , Strongid® , Quest® and others. Proper deworming that strives to avoid building parasite resistance is vital to your horse’s health.

Keep flies off your horse with fly sheets, fly masks , fly boots and fly repellents . Working together, these fly control products reduce your horse’s stress and discomfort in bug season. Remember to add strategically placed fly traps to your horse’s environment, too!

Be prepared to care for your horse’s injuries with the right horse supplies and a properly stocked horse first aid kit . We keeps you covered with wound treatments, bandages, leg wraps , hoof boots , cohesive wrap, horse thermometers and other first aid horse supplies. Preassembled kits are available, too. You’ll also find plenty of horse liniment , poultices and equine ice therapy products that help you relieve your horse’s discomfort after exertion.