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Horse Care

Proper horse care starts with the right supplies. Keep your horse healthy and happy with everything you need for grooming, fly control, supplementing diet, first aid and more.

Along with basic horse care comes the need for various types of horse supplies. At Dover Saddlery, we offer all the essentials — and the little extras, too — to keep your horse healthy and happy. From feed buckets to fly sheets, you’ll find everything you need to treat a wound, give your horse show ring shine, muck your horse’s stall, or outfit a horse trailer.

Good horse care starts with quality horse grooming supplies. Daily grooming keeps a horse’s skin healthy and resistant to diseases, his coat shiny, and his hooves clean. Grooming is made easy, efficient, and pleasurable when the right tools are at hand — a set of small horse clippers or a trimmer is a must-have essential, and hoof care and horse hair care products help keep your horse feeling and looking its best. You’ll find must-have horse grooming tools, from hoof picks to massaging curry combs, and horse brushes to mane and tail shampoo, right here. And you can keep your horse grooming kit fully stocked with detangler and hoof conditioner.

Topical horse supplements, such as joint support, vitamins and minerals, digestive support, and electrolytes, are also horse care essentials that will help you address your horse’s particular health needs. You’ll find everything you need to develop a targeted deworming program as well, and you’ll keep flies off your horse with fly sheets, fly masks, fly boots, and fly repellents. You’ll also be prepared to care for your horse’s injuries with the right horse supplies and a properly stocked horse first aid kit. And because loving horse care includes rewarding your horse for hard work and a job well done, you can show your horse extra kindness with horse treats from us. Check out our Equestrian Library for our horse grooming tips too!