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Horse Quencher™ - 3.5 lb

Colors/Options: Apple Peppermint
Horse Quencher™

Horse Quencher™ - 3.5 lb

Add Horse Quencher™ to a bucket of water and watch your horse drink! Horse Quencher is an all-natural blend of grains and flavorings with a 99% acceptance rate. Offer it to keep your horse hydrated at home, while traveling, at shows or at times of illness. It can be offered daily, as a treat or as needed. 3.5 lb.

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Item #: X1-220364
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With Horse Quencher™, lead your horse to water, and it will make him drink! Just add Horse Quencher, 100% all-natural blend of grains and flavorings, to a bucket of water, and it will entice him to drink. It has a 99% acceptance rate, which is important as proper hydration is the first line of defense against illness and colic and can help ensure that horses can perform at their highest level comfortably.

Horse Quencher urges your horse to drink where and when you want him to, making it ideal for traveling, competing, weather changes or fighting off illness. It may be given to pregnant mares and may be offered daily, given as a treat or administered as needed.

Ingredients: SuperFlake® barley, salt, steamed crimped oats, cane molasses, SuperFlake® corn, beet pulp, soybean oil, apple nectar and natural flavorings. Provides 6.5% fiber, 6% protein, 3% fat, 0.2% phosphorous and 0.15% calcium. 3.5 lb.

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