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Horse Tack

Set up for success with horse tack that performs. Outfit your horse with our superior selection of saddles, bridles, other leather goods, horse boots and more.

Dover Saddlery sources English tack made by leading manufacturers all over the world, from the United States to England, Germany, Italy and beyond. Our selection of quality horse tack spans all price points from the most budget-friendly to top-of-the-line premier items, and it comes in styles suited for both schooling and showing. Whether you’re a competitive hunter, jumper, event, or dressage rider — or simply enjoy leisure riding — you’ll find all the horse tack you’ll need to enter the ring or hit the trails.

"Tack" is a term that refers to all the equipment used on a horse as it is being ridden or handled, including saddles, girths, stirrup leathers, stirrup irons, bridles, bits, halters, surcingles and more. Most tack is crafted from leather. Synthetic tack is appreciated by some riders because it is economical, durable, exceptionally easy-care and lighter in weight than leather versions. Some premium quality synthetic horse tack, however, is equal in price and just as attractive as its leather counterpart. Dover Saddlery specializes in offering cob, horse, and oversize items, with some pony saddles, saddle pads, bridles, and bits in the collection. Whether you’re looking for a saddle and all the fittings (leathers, stirrups, girth), a bridle with reins and a bit, or a halter and lead, Dover Saddlery carries the most popular horse tack brands in the world. We are confident that you will find exactly what you need for your horse tack and riding needs to set you up for success.