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Herm Sprenger® Flexcite Stirrups

Herm Sprenger®

Herm Sprenger® Flexcite Stirrups

Item #: X1-07037
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Representing a new generation of jointed iron, the Herm Sprenger® Flexcite Stirrup offers the perfect balance to set your leg in the correct position. It’s extremely gentle on your ligament and joints, and it absorbs shock.

The contemporary design of the Flexcite Stirrup also helps support the release of your foot in the event of a fall. Polished stainless steel construction with black composite stirrup pad presents an elegant look. The wide tread has two types of rubber hardness for an optimal grip.


Manufacturer Restricted Price Product: Count on Dressage Extensions for the best quality, value and price possible. However, some of our manufacturers restrict advertised selling prices and prevent us from advertising discounts. For other items, some manufacturers allow us to offer and advertise a discount on a limited basis. Therefore, some products are not eligible for discounts.