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Herm Sprenger® Sensogan® HO-Weymouth - 14mm mouth; 11cm shanks 

Herm Sprenger® Sensogan® HO-Weymouth - 14mm mouth; 11cm shanks 

Item #: X1-011863
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This Herm Sprenger® Sensogan® HO-Weymouth has a 14mm mouth and 11cm shanks (5 cm lower shanks). The slanting Sensogan mouthpiece has a smooth, rounded and forward angled port. Slightly curved, the mouthpiece relieves the middle of the tongue, with lower pressure on the tongue edges. It allows even distribution of pressure when taking the reins and may be a perfect choice for introducing a rider or a horse gently to a Weymouth bit.

The leverage effect sets in more directly due to the short cheeks. Sensogan, a propriety blend of copper, zinc and manganese, has a pleasant taste that encourages salivation and bit acceptance.


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