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Herm Sprenger® Sensogan® Bradoon Test Bit

Herm Sprenger®

Herm Sprenger® Sensogan® Bradoon Test Bit

A timeless design, this Herm Sprenger® Sensogan® Bradoon with 12 mm mouth has a single joint and small rings, which allow ample room for the shanks of a curb bit. 

Limit 2 test bits per trial period.

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Test Bit
Item #: X1-0BR10005
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This Herm Sprenger® Sensogan® Bradoon has a common snaffle design with single joint and small rings. Sensogan mouthpiece metal has a pleasant taste to horses. It promotes salivation and bit acceptance. 12 mm mouthpiece; 55 mm rings (2 5/32").

The Test Bit fee is $15.95, plus shipping. Test Bits may be used for a two-week trial period, then either purchased or returned. A $15.95 credit will be applied to the purchase price should you decide to keep the bit. Shipping costs will not be refunded.