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Herm Sprenger® NovoContact Double-Jointed Loose Ring Bit

Herm Sprenger®

Herm Sprenger® NovoContact Double-Jointed Loose Ring Bit

Item #: X1-010889
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The Herm Sprenger® NovoContact Double-Jointed Loose Ring Bit delivers Herm Sprenger’s latest mouthpiece technology. In development for years, NovoContact bits are gentle with soft rein contact, but provide a stronger impact with stronger rein aids. 

The NovoContact mouthpiece is oval shaped for an enhanced contact surface on the tongue while the rider keeps a steady contact. As the rider gives a rein aid, the mouthpiece turns forward and the contact surface gets narrower, ensuring more precise communication. The double-jointed version can help specifically with horses that tend to pull or lean against their bit. 

NovoContact mouths are made of Sensogan®, an elegant silver-colored mouthpiece metal that instills a pleasant taste, encourages salivation and promotes bit acceptance. Experts at Herm Sprenger created Sensogan for a mouthpiece that offers all the benefits of Aurigan®, yet retains its discreet silver color much longer. Like Aurigan, Sensogan promotes a delicate and sensitive connection to the horse. Distinctively unique, this metal is a propriety blend of copper, zinc and manganese. All Sensogan bits are marked with a black ring at the cheeks.

This double-jointed loose ring has a 16mm mouth and 70mm stainless steel rings.


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