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Ice Horse® Back Blanket

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Ice Horse™

Ice Horse® Back Blanket

The Ice Horse® Back Blanket is a cold therapy blanket for your horse's back. This design can hold all 10 of the Cold Capsule Inserts (included) for maximum cooling coverage from withers to sacroiliac joint, or just a few to target specific areas.

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Item #: X1-04695
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The Ice Horse ® Back Blanket is designed to help treat equine back problems particularly common in performance horses. This cold therapy horse blanket offers maximum coverage from the withers and shoulder blades along the spine and over the sacroiliac joint.

It includes 10 Cold Capsule Inserts for use with the back blanket. All packs can be used at once or in isolated sections only to target specific areas. Packs stay cold for over two hours, allowing maximum penetration of cold therapy to deep muscle and connective tissue. For ease of use, the packs attach easily to the blanket with VELCRO® brand fasteners.