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“In order to achieve my goals, every detail must be perfect, including my saddle. It was very important for me to be actively involved in the development of my new saddle, and I am very proud of what we have achieved.”
-Isabell Werth

About the Saddles
The deep seat in the Isabel Saddle is unique, positioning the rider in a central and balanced position that ensures correct horse and rider alignment is effortless. The saddle provides the ultimate connection with the horse through a seamless, ultra-narrow transition from the seat through the length of the leg. The saddle offers tremendous support for the dressage horse through the anatomic shaping of the tree, generous panel design and world leading performance systems, including the CAIR® Cushion system, resulting in unprecedented comfort and complete freedom of movement. Both new Isabels are available flocked, as well.

Choose the Bates Isabel for the ultimate in prestige and luxury, featuring only the finest quality European leather, or the Wintec Isabel for its many lifestyle advantages, being lightweight, easy care and weatherproof.

New Features
  • Extra deep seat gives the feel of sitting into the saddle rather than on the saddle. The Isabell Seat is renowned for positioning the rider centrally in a balanced position, ensuring that correct horse and rider alignment is effortless.

  • The most generous panel created for your horse’s comfort and performance.

  • Adjustable Flexibloc® System enables you to customize your thigh support for optimal security and performance.

  • The Ergonomic Stirrup Bar® works together with a recessed stirrup channel for an ultra slimline and seamless contact with the horse.
  • The Adjustable Y-Girthing® System is the safest and most stable available, enabling individual adjustment for each horse to achieve equal pull from the front and rear of the saddle.
  • New Generation EASY-CHANGE Gullet System makes changing the gullet even easier, so you can ensure the correct gullet is always fitted.

  • Products

    The New Bates Isabell Dressage Saddle

    With CAIR® Panels

    Dover's Price: $2,700.00

    The New Wintec Isabell Dressage Saddle

    With CAIR® Panels

    Dover's Price: $1,350.00