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Kavalkade Levana Drop Noseband Bridle


Kavalkade Levana Drop Noseband Bridle

Item #: X1-120785
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The Kavalkade Levana Drop Noseband Bridle with rubber reins is made from quality leather and softly lined at both the crownpiece and nose. The drop noseband design offers increased adjustability at the sides, back and front to allow an optimally centered fit on the horse’s muzzle. The design also protects against overlapping of the side rings and the bit rings.

Additionally, to reduce pressure, the noseband hanger runs over the top of the crown. Leather insets embellish both the straight brow and nose.

Key features:

  • Padded crown.
  • Fully adjustable, padded drop noseband.
  • Silver-colored hardware.
  • Rubberized reins (16mm wide) with hook stud closures.