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KER Nano-E®

Kentucky Equine Research

KER Nano-E®

Item #: X1-220326
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Kentucky Equine Research (KER) Nano-E® is a powerful water-soluble liquid vitamin E antioxidant in a unique, rapidly bioavailable form. Natural vitamin E is far superior to synthetic forms of the nutrient. Vitamin E is an essential component of body-wide antioxidant defenses and plays a vital role in immune, cardiovascular, circulatory, neuromuscular and reproductive functions.

Vitamin E is often recommended for horses without access to fresh green pasture, as well as those with neurological or neuromuscular disease, fertility issues or for performance horses to prevent muscle damage and speed recovery. KER Nano-E uses advanced nanotechnology to create a rapidly available and easily absorbed source of vitamin E that enables administration to be timed to provide peak antioxidant protection to performance horses.

Administer 4-12 ml (1,000 to 3,000 IU) liquid daily or as directed by your veterinarian or equine nutritionist. For additional protection prior to a competition or stressful event, give 12-20 ml (3,000 to 5,000 IU) 6-12 hours prior. Nano-E may be administered orally or top-dressed onto feed at time of feeding. Guaranteed Analysis: 250 IU d-alpha-tocopherol per ml. Includes a syringe for ease of measuring. 450 ml.

The term vitamin E refers to a family of substances. Among these, only two—alpha-tocopherol and gamma-tocopherol—possess the potent antioxidant properties that make the nutrient so important to the equine diet. Alpha-tocopherol is the most biologically active, and is the form found most abundantly in the horse's body.

As with many other nutrients, the different forms of natural and synthetic vitamin E have quite dissimilar properties that make some more useful than others. Supplementation with synthetic vitamin E (dl-alphatocopherol acetate) is the least effective in elevating plasma tocopherol levels in horses. However, primarily because of its lower cost, synthetic vitamin E is frequently added to equine feeds, even though it offers quite limited bioavailability to the horse.

In a recent study conducted at Kentucky Equine Research, vitamin E plasma levels were measured in eight Thoroughbreds. All horses received the same diet and either 1,000 mg/day of synthetic vitamin (four horses) or 1,000 mg/day of Nano-E. The results revealed that an equivalent amount of the natural-source vitamin E in Nano-E increased plasma vitamin E levels 56% above baseline compared to the synthetic product.


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