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Kieffer Rachel Anatomical Bridle


Kieffer Rachel Anatomical Bridle

Item #: X1-120386
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Designed with the horse’s comfort in mind, the Kieffer Rachel Anatomical Bridle has an ergonomically shaped and softly padded crownpiece cut back generously at the ears to avoid interference. It’s made of soft, quality leather and also features an anatomically shaped noseband that prevents pressure on the sensitive facial nerves. It also provides plenty of room at the sides to avoid interference with bit rings.

The crank flash noseband fastens to the crownpiece on both sides to provide ample adjustability. The removable flash strap is integrated into the noseband so if it is removed, will not leave an unsightly loop.

The beautiful browband has alternating dark grey and black crystals. Styled with chrome hardware. Web reins included.