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Farnam® Laser Sheen®

Farnam® Laser Sheen®

Make grooming easier with Farnam® Laser Sheen®! This unique, non-oily hair polish for horses makes coats glossy and repels dust and stains. 32 oz.

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Item #: X1-22639
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Farnam® Laser Sheen® is a unique, non-oily formula designed to make horse coats glossy. This ready-to-use hair polish for horses repels dust and stains, making the end result of horse grooming beautifully successful. 32 oz.

Farnam Laser Sheen

Directions: Shake well before use. Apply Laser Sheen® ready-to-use to the coat, mane and tail. Spray fine mist over entire horse until coat, mane and tail are damp. Hand stroke in direction of hair. Allow to dry before additional brushing, toweling or hand rubbing.