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LeMieux® Conductive Magnotherapy Hock Boots


LeMieux® Conductive Magnotherapy Hock Boots

Item #: X1-041585
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LeMieux® Conductive Magnotherapy Hock Boots represent a magnetic breakthrough, heralding a new approach to magnetic treatment for horses that eliminates hot spots from individual magnets. Magnetic therapy can be helpful for use before and after exercise and in the treatment and rehabilitation of lower limb injuries, but you should always seek veterinary advice.

Unique inner liners contain a woven layer of steel fibers directly under 18 powerful 2,600 Gauss magnets. The steel filaments conduct magnetic waves evenly around the lining, bringing the whole hock within the magnetic field. The technology avoids unwanted hot spots from the individual magnets and improves the overall therapeutic benefits, which are acknowledged to:

  • Improve blood supply to tendons and joints when used before exercise to help prevent injury.
  • Help aid recovery of fatigue-reducing inflammation and pain.
  • Stimulate oxygen supply to tissue, eliminating toxins and adhesions.
  • Help regenerate damaged tissue, encouraging production of elastin and collagen essential for development of new cells.
  • Soothe skeletal aches and alleviates symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Relieve the effects of concussion from hard ground or extreme exercise.

Mesh rear vents in the boots release excess heat created by the magnetic field, and an outer layer of bamboo ensures good wicking. Ventilation combined with the even spread of magnetic waves created by the special liners enable the LeMieux Conductive Boots to be used for longer periods of time.


  • Always slowly build up length of time boots are used to allow individual horses to become accustomed.
  • Always seek professional veterinary advice. Magnetic therapy is widely recommended by veterinarians and trainers for its remedial and maintenance benefits.

Sold as a pair.

Machine wash at 86 degrees Fahrenheit with non-biological washing detergent; allow to air dry away from heat source.