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LeMieux® Hind Ultra-Mesh Snug Boots

LeMieux® Hind Ultra-Mesh Snug Boots

Item #: X1-041994
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LeMieux® Hind Ultra-Mesh Snug Boots are suitable for both schooling and light jumping. With emphasis on flexibility and breathability during work, this all-around boot features multi-layered micro-mesh construction. It offers a high compression factor for shock absorption without bulk. The individual cells that make up the three-dimensional mesh each contain four perforations to allow the rapid dissipation of heat.

A strong TPU molded outer shell contours to the horse’s leg without compromising strike protection. Twelve vents down the back of the tendon and six vents over the fetlock joint ensure efficient air circulation of air, making this boot highly breathable and lightweight.

A Lycra® binding helps prevent rubbing, and a stretch cotton inner reduces friction and wicks away any sweat build-up. Quick-release end caps allow easy positioning, and elasticized fastenings anchor securely for optimum stability. The smooth outer finish minimizes the snagging associated with 3D mesh. Pair.

Note: Snug boots are interchangeable with front and hind legs. Hind boots have a wider inner lining, so they can be used on the front legs of large-boned horses.

LeMieux boots are machine washable at a low temperature. Use of a wash bag is highly recommended. Close all hook-and-loop prior to washing. Hang dry away from any heat source. Never tumble dry.