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Leovet® Silkcare Conditioner Spray


Leovet® Silkcare Conditioner Spray

With silk proteins in the formula, Leovet® Silkcare Conditioner Spray creates fascinating light reflections in a horse’s coat, mane and tail. While enhancing shine, this conditioner makes horsehair dust- and dirt-repellent. 

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Item #: X1-220712
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Leovet® Silkcare Conditioner Spray has high-quality silk proteins which create fascinating light reflections in a horse’s coat, mane and tail. In addition to enhancing shine, Silkcare Conditioner makes horsehair dust- and dirt-repellent. The silk proteins attach themselves to hair and coat, giving long-lasting support to hair structure. Urine, manure spots and other encrustations can be easily brushed off even days after application. Organic extracts and vitamins support efficient grooming.


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