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Burlingham Sports Li’l Stacker

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Colors/Options: Black Hunter Green
Burlingham Sports

Burlingham Sports Li’l Stacker

Spice up your horse's training program with Burlingham Sports Li’l Stackers. By raising ground poles off the ground, you can encourage your horse to use and build different muscles. Lightweight, easy to handle and sturdy!

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Item #: X1-27732
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With Burlingham Sports Li’l Stackers, you can add interest to your horse’s training program while encouraging the use of various muscles. One pair of Li’l Stackers raises a ground pole 2" off the ground. Add height by stacking and snapping together multiple Li’l Stackers to raise your pole in continuous 2" increments.

Lightweight, easy to handle and sturdy, when stacked they stay connected to make designing a multi-height exercise a breeze. Li’l Stackers are packaged two pair of one color per package, available in five colors.

3"H x 6"L x 6"W; (2 lbs) per two pair.