Lucky Braids™ Horse Whitener/Dry Wash Spray

Lucky Braids™ Horse Whitener/Dry Wash Spray is a handy alternative to bathing. Awarded Horse Journal's Top Pick for Greys or Whites, it is formulated to brighten the color of any horse and make them easier to keep clean! The revolutionary enzymatic action instantly dissolves the bond between hair and dirt to quickly remove ordinary stable or tack stains. Simply spritz on, watch impurities come clean, and then wipe off with a towel—no scrubbing required! Excellent for show touch-ups and as a finishing spray to enhance the luster of any coast without leaving it slippery. Also ideal for removing tough old stains. Read more...

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Lucky Braids™ Horse Whitener/Dry Wash Spray is a revolutionary enzymatic formula that dissolves the bond between hair and dirt. It's not a bleach or a detergent, and it's far more versatile than a stain remover. Lucky Braids™ Whitener/Dry Wash Spray cleans horses completely, without stripping, parching or coating the hair. It serves as a handy alternative to bathing and is formulated for ANY COLOR equine! To spot wash and dissolve ordinary stable or tack stains, simply spritz on to see the enzymatic action at work. Typically, impurities will instantly bead up or start to run. Then, simply wipe clean with a towel—no scrubbing needed! Excellent for show touch-ups and instant ringside removal of mud from legs and tails. Helps repel dirt as an after-grooming spray and enhances the luster on any coat without leaving it slippery. Horse Whitener/Dry Wash spray is also good news for tough old stains! Keep in mind that when the enzyme dries, it dies. So be sure to douse the old stain by spraying well, and then let it sit. If the hair is dried out or if the stain has penetrated deeply you may need to reapply. Once you get ahead of stains with this spray, it will be much easier to keep your horse clean and the hair will not attract impurities as before. Horse Journal selected this product as their Top Pick for Greys and Whites and to keep your horse glistening, use Lucky Braids™ Horse Whitener/Dry Wash Spray in combination with Lucky Braids™ All-In-One Shampoo. Horses of any color will be brighter, easier to keep clean, and will stay cleaner longer with the Lucky Braids™ Shampoo and Spray system for bathing and stain removing. 32 ounce spray bottle. Made in the USA.

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