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Ice Horse® Tendon Wrap

Ice Horse® Tendon Wrap

Item #: X1-042426
Our Guarantee

To aid in the prevention of and recovery from injury, this Ice Horse® Tendon Wrap with Cold Capsule™ inserts represents an easy way to apply cold therapy to the tendons and ligaments around your horse’s cannon bone area. Made of breathable, heat-releasing Quadrispan™ fabric with Velcro® brand fasteners, this insulated ice wrap holds two cold packs, which conform to the horse’s legs for maximum cooling with uniform compression to reduce inflammation after work or injury.

Reusable Cold Capsule inserts are scientifically tested and proven to provide therapeutic cooling for over two hours—three times longer than gel wraps or buckets of ice water. They are filled with small ice crystals which look and feel like soft, flakey snow when frozen, yet are malleable and conform to your horse’s body. 

This tendon wrap comes with two Cold Capsule inserts. Each.

Machine wash.