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Veredus® Magnetik 4-Hour Rear Stable Boots


Veredus® Magnetik 4-Hour Rear Stable Boots

Item #: X1-042295
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Designed to promote healing and reduce swelling in your horse’s hind legs, Veredus® Magnetik 4-Hour Rear Stable Boots use 40 neodymium magnets to develop a power of 2400 Gauss. The boots are intended for limited therapeutic sessions lasting no more than four hours.

The magnets are distributed in correspondence to the flexor and extensor tendons, fetlock and bulbs of the hoof.  Boots are made of breathable, micro-porous material to reduce heat.

Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for injuries. Magnetic fields stimulate blood flow and simultaneously help with cellular growth and ligament repair. Because of their polarity, magnets draw blood to the area on which they are placed. Pair.

Caution: Consult your veterinarian before beginning any magnetic therapy treatment on your horse.


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