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Majyk Equipe® Sport/Dressage Front Boots with Arti-Lage™ Impact Technology

Majyk Equipe

Majyk Equipe® Sport/Dressage Front Boots with Arti-Lage™ Impact Technology

Item #: X1-041704
Our Guarantee

The Majyk Equipe® Sport/Dressage boots are made of a tough, flexible bonded outer mesh. This ultra lightweight boot uses mesh thermo bonded onto a breathable backing to provide a strong, yet breathable boot.

The four layer boot construction readily conforms to leg and is built to guard against dust, moisture and heat build-up, making it the perfect boot for longer training sessions. On the inner side of the boot is a strike guard featuring ARTi-LAGE™ technology. The strike guard is designed to help protect from rubbing and brushing the fetlock area. Inside the strike guard is ARTi-LAGE™ a dilatant material that works by changing its molecular structure to allow a soft free-flow state that hardens when struck. The boot features an eco friendly anti-microbial, non-neoprene Bio Foam interior liner for a perfect fit.

Extra large perforations helps prevent heat build-up while the super-soft finish offers exceptional comfort with enough traction to prevent slipping. Double stitched finishes. Ideal for trail as it does not pick up grass and burrs like traditional hook and loop boots. Double stitched binding and finishes. Long straps for adjustment. Pair.

Hand wash and air dry.
S(14.3-15.2H), M(15.3-16.3H), L(17+H), XL(18+H).