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Mane 'N Tail® Hoofmaker Hand Therapy 

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Mane 'N Tail® Hoofmaker Hand Therapy 

Item #: X1-220516
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Mane 'N Tail® Hoofmaker Hand Therapy reveals the mystery behind luxuriously soft skin and beautiful nails. Formulated with an exclusive combination of intensive, protein-enriched ingredients, this greaseless hand cream moisturizes dry and cracked skin and helps to restore vital nutrients.

Hoofmaker was originally developed to moisturize dry, cracked and brittle horse hooves. As riders used their hands to apply it to their horse’s feet, many began to notice dramatic improvements in the condition of their hands and nails. It helps fortify nails, protects them from damage and helps them maintain strength and flexibility.

This cream also softens and conditions skin and deeply penetrates rough, callused areas. It helps restore vital nutrients and essential moisture to dry skin and nails in a greaseless formula. 6 ounces.


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